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  • General Candle Care -
    All of our candles come with a CLP label. This details known allergens, so please read these carefully. It can be found either attached to your candle or on the bottom of its container. ​ Please follow the below burning advice: ​ - NEVER leave any wax melt or candle unattended. I.E. leaving it in a bedroom when you are not present in that room. - To maximise your candle life, we recommend trimming the wick to at least 5mm before burning. This will keep its burn safe and even. - Keep away from flammable items, such as TVs. Do not place under items such as TVs, curtains, material items. - Keep out of reach from children and pets. - Burn on an even surface with a heat proof coaster or candle plate to catch spillage. - Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Wax burners and candle containers can overheat and cause damage if heated for long periods of times. - Burn all candles and wax melts in a clear, secure and draft free area.
  • Shaped Candle Care -
    We recommend to use the Shaped Candles as decorative pieces. However, our candles have all been based to determine the best wick for it to burn. Due of the nature of some candles they will not have a long burn time due to a number of factors, mainly their design. If you do wish to burn these types of candles, please note the following in addition to the above: ​ - They are not a 'stable' candle, therefore ensure it is placed on or in a dish that can collect the wax spillage. - Ensure they are placed on a secure surface when lit.
  • Wax Melt Care -
    We recommend you use one melt per burner due to their strength however up to two may be used in a larger room. One melt is expected to last 3 or more 'burns' at approx 4 hours.. Make sure to use suitable tea lights in your burner and that it is a wax melt burner not an oil burner. ​ Due to the strength of the fragrance oil used, we advise not burning for more than 4 hours at a time. This is also the maximise time you should have heat on your burner. To clean your burner / swap fragrance. Simply place 2 to 3 cotton pads into the melted wax in the burner. Let it absorb then wipe clean. Now you are ready for a new wax melt.
  • Wax Burner Care -
    HOW TO USE: Place the wax melt burner on a level, flat, cool, heat resistant surface away from draughts, other heat sources and flammable objects. If used on a non- heat resistant surface damage may occur if the wax melt burner is used without a protective plate, tray or similar product. - Position the wax melt segment on the top bowl of the wax melt burner. - Insert a tea- light in the bottom base of the wax melt burner. - Allow the heat of the tea- light to melt the wax and fragrance will release into the room. The wax melt burner will become hot while in use, do not touch while in use, heated wax can cause burns. Allow the burner to cool completely before touching or moving. - Do not allow the pool of wax to completely evaporate so the top bowl becomes dry whilst a tea- light is still lit. This could cause the wax melt burner to scorch and (or) smoke. - If wax remains in the bowl after use and you wish to remove the wax, whilst the wax is still in a liquid state, place one or two cotton pads into the wax to soak it up. Use a further cotton pad to wipe clean. - Let the wax melt burner completely cool before re- use. ​ ​ SAFETY ADVICE: - Never leave a burning candle unattended or move it when lit - Remove all packaging before use - Only use with a good quality tea- light. - Keep the Wax Melt Burner and tea- light out of the reach of children and pets. - Do not burn the tea- light or leave the wax melt burner on or near anything that can catch fire. - Ensure the wax melt burner is well ventilated. There must be at least 6.5cm of space above the flame within the wax melt burner. - Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool. - The wax melt burner becomes very hot during use, do not touch or move whilst alight or whilst wax remains molten. - Extinguish the tea- light if the flame becomes enlarged, makes contact with the wax melt burner, or begins to smoke. - Once extinguished allow wax melt burner to cool before moving.
  • Soy Wax Care & Storage -
    Soy wax is a natural, vegan vegetable wax made from soybeans, a natural renewable source. Soy wax brings many benefits, alongside being 100% vegan and eco- friendly. Due to its nature, it a softer wax so avoid storing it in a way that it be may damaged. If placed into a cardboard box or non acid free tissue paper, it will cause damage the candle. We recommend keeping your products in the packaging until you are ready to use them. ​ As soy wax is 100% natural, it is common that you may experience frosting or small imperfections on your candles. Frosting occurs naturally in soy waxes and presents itself as small white, crystalised layers forming on the surface of the candle. This is a natural occurrence but can be minimised by gently rubbing the area with a warm cloth or your finger.
  • Vase Care -
    Due to the nature of these items being breakable, place ensure the following: - Only place on a level, stable surface - Keep out of the reach of children and pets - Do not have a naked flame burning close by when containing items such as flowers and dried flowers - Hand wash with mild detergent and hand dry immediately.
  • Dried Flowers Care -
    - Do not have a naked flame burning close by when containing items such as flowers and dried flowers - Keep the item out of direct sunlight due to risk of fire and also colour bleaching - Do not get them wet
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