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DETOX | 3 Step Facial

DETOX | 3 Step Facial


Suitable for all skintypes 


Includes Facial Scrub, Sheetmask and Moisturiser.


Step 1 

Oxygenating Matcha Clay facial scrub. Made with green tea, kale, spinach and natural plant cellulose beads. 


Step 2 

Super Green sheet mask. Also containing green tea, kale and spinach with the addition of broccoli, tea tree and charcoal powder. 


Step 3

Antioxidant Seaweed moisturiser. A light antioxidant and hydrating moisturiser made with 7 types of seaweed extract. 

1. Wash and clean face

2. Remove Step 1 from its packaging and scrub face for 3 to 5 minutes. Wash face

3. Taking Step 2, place it tightly on the face ensuring the eyes and lips are free (in the intended holes)

4. After 20 minutes, remove the sheet from the gave and gently pat your skin to allow the skin to absorb the excess. You can also use the reminded in the packet on your neck and chest area. 

5. Apply moisituriser all over face and neck.

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