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Customer care is our number one goal. We strive to create candles and homeware that you love, and keep coming back for more. However should you be dissatisfied or simply have a question - please don't hesitate to contact us so we can quickly and efficiency work with you to resolve the matter.

Business hours will vary so we will return all messages in a prompt manner. Contact us by email on: or instagram: @anonabode.


Keeping your details safe and secure is super important! That why we use third-party banking via secure networks to ensure your information is safe. Any and all details regarding delivery addresses, names or contact information will be stored and subsequently destroyed in line with GPRS. 

payment methods

We accept varied payment methods such as:



It is simply really. We love to create products that will add to your home not only in decor by also ambience by filling your room with incredible scent.


We use only soy wax in our candles and melts because it is 100% natural and eco friendly. Alongside using natural wax, we use ethically-sourced and derived fragrance/essentials oils, eco friendly packaging and buy locally to support our communities. 

Product testing is so important to us. Each product has been lovingly created with our customer in mind. We want to bring you high quality, hand poured candles that were not only born out of love but also experience.


Never one to rush a job, we make each 'batch' in small quantities. This allows us to ensure each batch has the care and attention it deserves. 


The meaning behind our candles, and their associated title holds a place in our heart. We thoroughly believe in positivity and the exchange of energy. That is why we pride ourselves in creating 'Edits' that have positive and uplifting meaning behind them. A story as it were.


Thus is where our first edit was born. The Original 7, a collection of places that provoke good feelings. Places of exploring, holiday relaxation and comforts of home.

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